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Am I the right coach for you? you might ask.

The following might help you answer that question.

People I help, call when they want:


  • Help with making a difficult decision. Evaluating pros & cons
  • To strengthen their confidence. Maybe they have been holding back from going for what they really want, for fear of failing
  • Maximise their personal performance. Maybe they have been limiting their effectiveness, always playing small because they have never learned to see themselves as more the co-creator of their own life 
  • Feel that life is passing them by. Some are trailing spouses, having moved abroad for an extended period of time. I provide assistance for such ones to thrive in a new host country
  • Feel isolated. It could be that they don’t speak the local language
  • Need help to cope with culture shock.
  • Feel lonely. Some have entered a pattern of negative thinking and now, they do not know hov to get back to happiness again


    I offer customised sessions and intensive training weeks, according to your wants and needs.


    I love watching people find their way through obstacles, heal damaging thoughts and become free from shock and trauma.

    I love to help people be able to look positively at themselves and the future.

    I know how liberating it feels to let go of old uptight attitudes and feel the rush of new life in my body. New opportunities, new acquaintances, new experiences and joys.

    It is possible to change ones condition and ones health. I have helped myself out of many unhappy states, using my own tools as therapy. On a daily basis I see that my clients get better too.

    Every time I enjoy the gift of helping someone, I really want to help the other person to get what he/she wants most.

    I want you to find the freedom and happiness you seek.

    Amazing Coaching Dialogue

    Clearing your thoughts, becoming aware, making decisions, tacking action towards your free new you.

    Talking yourself into sustainable happiness

    Thought Field Therapy

    Feelings in your body is your body’s way of talking to you, about you.

    Tapping system for releasing chok, trauma and many other disorders i the body

    4 weeks intensive – Amazing freedom process

    You will gain an awareness of yourself, you did not know existed. This awareness brings you back into the driver’s seat and in control over your life and your emotions.


    Rakel Højer

    For more than 20 years I have helped individuals, adults and children, with different backgrounds, get rid of:

    • Depression
    • Performance anxiety
    • Stress
    • Low self-esteem
    • Fear of failing
    • Virtually all kinds of negative thoughts
    • Trauma / phobias
    • PTSD

    I help people understand and master the secret to being happy

    My credentials


    2005 Certified Option Process Mentor / counsellor (A special form of cognitive dialogue) and Group facilitator / The Option Institute – USA,

    – The Mentor traning has given me the ability to be extremely present with your words and feelings, to be able to support your self-exploration through redemptive questions.

    2008 Thought Field Therapist / Lars Mygind – DK,

    – This part of my training makes me a helpful therapist of people with heavy thoughts, trauma and anxiety.

    2016 MetaHealth Practitioner / Lars Mygind – DK,

    – which makes me understand the connection between psychological issues and their bodily reaction.

    I am especially good at finding the underlying cause of the bad feeling and helping my clients eliminate it.

    I’d Love to Help


    How can we be the happiest and best version of ourselves at work and at home?

    When we’re not plagued by stress, anxiety, burning conscience or mental challenges arising from shock and trauma. When we do not have the family quarrel hanging in our ears and when we feel safe in our lives.

    Therefore, it is important to stop the negative self talk, the thing that sucks all our energy, before it becomes a disorder, which our body can not cope with.

    Many have already made their happiness priority no.1.  So can you

    Read about a few of them here


    “The combination of The Option Process and TFT has been great for me. Another and positive way to see and experience life, which provides joy and peace and less stress.

    I have tried psychologists and several alternative therapists. But Rakel’s methods and way of being have clearly been what has helped me the most. ”



    “I suddenly lost my husband. The course of events was dramatic and I had a hard time tackling the situation I had experienced. Visits to psychologists did not help me. Four years later, I stumbled upon an article on post traumatic stress and discovered that this was probably what I was suffering from.

    I contacted Rakel and we agreed on a session. I did not regret it. In a gentle and interesting way, we came through my experience of how my husband died at home and suddenly I could remember an unpleasant incident in the process that I had unconsciously stuck to.

    When it was processed I was free.

    I have not had any bad feelings when I think of my husband’s death since. Of course I miss him, but the traumatic feeling is gone. ”

    Karin Christensen


    “Dear Rakel, thank you for helping with my violent stress breakdown in connection with my work day and firing. I could feel a positive progress for each session.”


    My Philosophy:

    Change a belief and you change everything 


    I help business people become free and unstoppable.
    Changing limiting beliefs is the key to gaining self confidence, overview and successful performance.
    I compassionately teach the freedom of thought, feelings and actions, that every human has, but only few recognise. This freedom means that you and I have the power to think and feel whatever pleases us. But most of us are trained to believe that we must follow the beliefs, actions and feelings common in our culture. Unfortunately these beliefs are often not happiness producing.

    The conclusions we form about ourselves and the world around us, are crucial for our life-experience. These beliefs are the underlying reason why we become stressed, fearful, traumatised or depressed. Understanding ourselves, how we feel and react because of our beliefs, gives us the opportunity to change whatever we want to, about ourselves. We all have our unique belief system that rules us. (Overvej omskrivning: It is our belief system that dictates our experience of the world. But once you learn how to decipher your belief system, you can also rewrite it!)

    In my 1:1 Amazing Freedom sessions I will do my outmost to support you in a loving and nonjudgmental atmosphere, which will enable you to get a close look at the beliefs you hold. Together we will discover your opportunities to change any belief you’d like to change. For instance, you can change a belief like: “I am not enough” into “I am enough”, – if you want to.

    The changes you make in your beliefs or when you release old traumas, will show in your everyday life. Old memories won’t hurt anymore and feelings of shame, guilt and anger evaporate.

    My clients experiences are amongst many:
    feeling free and happy, I‘m good enough, empowered, having more energy and gaining improved health.

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